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Magento vs WordPress

Magento vs wordpress

If you are familiar with the world of CMS you will certainly have heard of WordPress and Magento. These two popular open source platforms aim to enable rapid website creation, improve natural web referencing, provide several possibilities for personalization through strong user communities. However, these platforms have different characteristics from their object to the target audience. You will find out all this by reading this Magento vs WordPress comparison.

Differences between Magento and WordPress

Magento and WordPress have many similarities: they allow you to quickly create an online site; moreover, they are both open source; also they provide a lot of tools to improve the natural referencing of the created site; as well as providing a lot of customization through strong user communities. However, they differ on several points.

In particular, we have the primary objective: for WordPress, it is blogging and Magento, ecommerce. However, the functionality of WordPress can be extended thanks to its many plugins, the most popular of which is WooCommerce will be used to add an online store to its blog. The Magento vs WordPress comparison does not stop there, we can also consider the costs associated with hosting each of the platforms. Thus, hosting Magento requires more of a more powerful solution than WordPress which will increase the cost of hosting.

Magento vs WordPress

We could see some main differences between Magento and WordPress. You will find that the Magento vs WordPress match may not be justified as each platform targets a different need. Depending on your need, you can choose another platform. The most important thing will therefore be to ask the right questions. How big will your store be? What volume of traffic do you expect? Your budget as well as the available human resources. You will therefore choose WordPress if you create a store linked to your blog, your budget is not very important and you will not have too many products. Otherwise, the Magento platform should be considered. This concludes our Magento vs WordPress comparison.