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Magento web hosting

Magento web hosting

Magento as an e-commerce website creation solution, offers great flexibility and reliability, a set of functionalities at the cutting edge of technology. To be able to fully benefit from these advantages, choosing a robust web hosting plan that meets your needs is essential for the success and sustainability of your Magento site.

Whether you are about to start a new project or whether it is a migration of your magento site from your current web host, the choice of the right web hosting plan stems from the comparison of the parameters below at several web hosts.

Magento system requirements

This is about being able to define the volume of traffic (or visits) and requests that your website receives in normal periods and high seasons. Likewise, consider the need for availability, performance and speed of your website. For a new project, this information is obviously not yet available. However, we can consider a basic traffic which will evolve according to the success of your site. Thus, there are all three types of web hosting on the market.

  • Shared hosting. This is an acceptable web hosting plan for a new Magento site. Here, several users share a server thereby reducing the costs for each of them. However, not all shared hosting plans are created equal. It will be necessary to choose an offer powerful enough to support a small daily load while maintaining a margin for a possible peak in traffic. A preinstalled Magento shared hosting plan is a good basis for moving forward quickly with your project.
  • Dedicated hosting. This is the ideal solution when you already understand your project statistics and the specific needs of your store. It offers power, performance and a high level of control, since the entire server is dedicated to your site. Therefore, it is an expensive solution and usually not the first choice for a new project.
  • VPS web hosting. It’s the solution halfway between shared hosting and dedicated hosting. It offers great control over the hosting environment while dramatically reducing hosting costs.

Choose a Magento Web hosting

Server security

Hacking is not just the business of big corporations or celebrities. Anyone can be a victim, and so are websites. Since hackers are constantly looking for new ways to steal personal information for evil purposes, the security of your website will be appreciated. For the success, good reputation and confidentiality of your customers’ information, make sure that the chosen web host has a serious security policy.


An accident often happens quickly. Whether it is a configuration error, a hacker attack or anything else, regular backups of your site ensure that you can quickly go back without significant interruption to your business and preserve your company’s image. It is therefore wise to choose a host that offers regular backups with easy restore.

Available customer support

It is important to acquire web hosting for your Magento site from a host who is available to assist you. In fact, incidents can occur on your hosting. With a responsive support, a critical incident like downtime could be resolved in a very short time. Likewise, competent support will accompany you so that you can perform daily actions on your hosting.

Managed web hosting or not

This setting is for VPS or dedicated hosting plans. There are managed and non-managed offers on the market. In the case of managed offers, the web host takes care of setting up, maintaining, and resolving any issues with your Magento hosting plan. Of course, this is a paid service. Otherwise, you can take care of managing your plan yourself. There should be a competent person on your team who can take care of this aspect. Note that you also have the option of subcontracting to a third party.