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Magento vs Prestashop

Magento vs prestashop

Magento and Prestashop are two platforms designed to easily create and manage a sustainable online store. If you are hesitant to choose one of these solutions, our magento vs PrestaShop comparison will allow you to see more clearly and thus make the best decision in line with your needs and objectives.

Comparison between Magento and PrestaShop

Magento vs PrestaShop ease of use

Although it facilitates the creation of a store, it is not a CMS with a grip that would be described as easy and fast. To be able to become familiar with this solution, a long learning phase will be necessary to understand how it works. A task that will prove profitable since you will benefit from its wide range of very complete features. Otherwise, you can contact an expert to take care of it. For its part, PrestaShop has an intuitive administration interface. It is the recommended solution for novices, even for people with no programming knowledge. This will allow you to focus on more important aspects of your store.

Community and support

Since these are two open-source solutions, there is a community of users around each that you can turn to in case of difficulty. Likewise, their exhaustive documentations are the best resources. However, Magento has a larger, engaged and responsive community due to its popularity. You can also get help from official support if you purchase a paid plan. PrestaShop on the other hand does not have a very large community, but you will still be able to get excellent support even though it comes at a cost.


Both platforms are completely free for the open-source version. However, we mentioned above that Magento requires some technicality to get started. Therefore, the design of a shop with this solution will generate significant costs in self-training or training. While there are financial costs to consider if a specialist is to take care of it. If you don’t have time to devote to creating your own store, then PrestaShop is the most economical solution. If however, we consider the paid version of these two solutions, the choice turns to Magento which will be an excellent choice.


Whether Magento or PrestaShop, both solutions offer basic functionality of an e-commerce store. Nevertheless, Magento differs from almost all CMS by its wide range of features to shape a powerful store as you wish. PrestaShop does not demerit all the same. Indeed, these hundreds of templates, its easy handling and its multiple payment methods will allow you to create a beautiful store without too much effort.

Magento vs PrestaShop performance

On the performance side, Magento was very often known to suffer from some performance problems, as a consequence of its many features. However, updating to version 2 has considerably reduced this problem. PrestaShop on the other hand does not really suffer from this problem since it is much lighter. However, whether it is Magento or PrestaShop, note that choosing a high-performance hosting will help boost this parameter.


Magento and PrestaShop are both designed to provide robust security for your store and customers. In fact, security is a significant parameter for CMS and especially for online stores. However, the intrinsic security of these platforms is not sufficient to protect your store. He should therefore initiate a plan to secure your Magento or PrestaShop store.


In short, Magento and PrestaShop are both a very good choice for a sustainable and efficient online store. They just aim at different targets. Magento would be best suited for owners of medium and large businesses with a budget and with the right people behind it. PrestaShop, on the other hand, is the perfect solution for simple merchants who own small shops and do not have enough financial and human resources. So, between these two platforms, you will find the ones that best meet your expectations.