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Magento security

magento security

Nowadays, cyber attacks are in the headlines every day. In addition, the number of annual attacks increases exponentially with the passing years. As their recurrence increases, the cost and negative impact on businesses and individuals is increasing. This is why it is essential to work on the security of your Magento store, to protect your customers’ data to guarantee your reputation.

We have some useful tips for you in this article that will help you protect your store and reduce the risk of piracy.

How to secure a Magento store

Switch from Magento 1 to Magento 2

If you haven’t already, now is the time to get started. Indeed, the Magento development team has stopped providing support for Magento 1 since the end of June 2020. As a result, no security updates are available anymore. By staying on this version, you endanger your site. In addition, Magento 2 offers a lot of enhancements including additional security features.

Keep your installation up to date

We cannot repeat it enough, we must always make sure to keep software and applications up to date. This is also true for Magento, since each update brings bug fixes, flaws detected to best reassure users.

Use two-factor authentication

Two-factor authentication offers an additional layer of security to deter the next hacker who comes to your store. For the security of a Magento store, it is possible to configure 4 two-factor authentication methods.

Change the URL of the admin panel

Magento like other CMS have default admin panel paths. Many users do not care or fail to change this setting. Hackers therefore generally take advantage of this flaw and use the brute force attack to try to guess the administrator password. By customizing the URL of your admin panel, you provide an additional layer of security for your Magento store.


Using an SSL certificate not only boosts the SEO of your Magento store, it also acts as security for your website. Indeed, communication with a secure hosting with an SSL certificate is end-to-end encrypted. So a person who intercepts exchanges with this server will only collect encrypted content that is incomprehensible to him.

Invest in good web hosting plan

All of these security measures will be of no use if the hosting server is not secure. Thus, it will be advisable to seek a web host for which the security of its servers is a serious matter. Ideally, we recommend a VPS server with minimum performance so as not to be affected by the activity of other customers in the case of shared hosting.