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Magento vs Opencart

Magento vs opencart

Many platforms for the creation of an e-commerce site exist on the market. These include SaaS, paid open source solutions and others free. In this large ecosystem, we therefore meet Magento and OpenCart. Magento vs OpenCart, if you are trying to figure out which solution will best suit your needs, we invite you to read this article

Differences between Magento and OpenCart

Magento vs OpenCart administration panel

The administration panel is the first interface a user will come across. The time taken for its grip and its flexibility will play an important role in the design and management of a store. Magento for its part is not a CMS where beginners will find themselves easily. In fact, a learning period is required in order to be able to master it. Many users even prefer to go directly to an agency or experienced developer. OpenCart for its part does not require as much expertise for its apprehension. It offers an intuitive panel and a simplified presentation of statistics.


Support for an e-commerce store is very important. Imagine your site goes down late in the day and you have no one to turn to. We will agree that your business will lose some revenue, especially if you had launched a promotion, or an event.

Magento has a large user community ready to help, as well as a very rich official documentation. It also provides its users with paid and free support. Similarly, OpenCart offers support available but only paid. However, its community and forums will help if you can’t invest in dedicated support.

Magento vs OpenCart web hosting costs

In the Magento vs OpenCart comparison, Magento is the solution that requires more powerful and therefore more expensive hosting in most scenarios. That’s why it’s difficult to see it hosted on shared hosting, unless you make great efforts to optimize your store. For its part, OpenCart is rather light, so it requires less resources to operate. It can therefore easily be hosted in a shared environment.


For an ecommerce site, security is essential to guarantee the reputation of the brand. Thus, the developers of Magento take security very seriously and very regularly offer security patches and security extensions to protect your store as much as possible. Due to its simplicity, OpenCart is less vulnerable to security breaches and comes with a robust baseline security. However, it will be necessary to pay attention to its extensions which are not always monitored.

Features and Extensions

Magento vs OpenCart, Magento wins the game on this point. Indeed, it offers a wide range of very complete features and extensions to customize your store as much as possible. Despite its many extensions, but does not reach the level of Magento.