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Free Magento extensions

Magento free extensions

Extensions extend the functionality of your store. The free Magento extensions will boost / give your store a boost / button without you having to shell out anything. We have selected extensions that we think are very useful for the sustainability of any store. Note, however, that the more extensions your installation has, the more it will need efficient web hosting.

Find a free Magento extension

Live Chat

Offer your customers a live chat service to give a more dimension to bring your store to a higher dimension and offer a personalized experience to your visitors. It includes a proactive ticket and greeting system to keep real-time communication with your visitors. Don’t wait any longer to try it out.

SEO Suite

Among the free Magento extensions that we recommend, we have SEO Suite. Although it is free, SEO Suite will be an exceptional SEO asset for your Magento store. Indeed, it will help you solve duplicate content problems, improve the indexing rate of your site. In addition, you will be able to create powerful internal links thanks to it with just one click. Don’t hesitate to try it out.

Perfect SEO Solution

Perfect SEO Solution from Mageplaza is an extension that will help you improve the SEO of your Magento store. Thus, it offers several features including basic duplicate content troubleshooting, site checks, URL rewriting, multiple store support. To be able to take advantage of all the features that this extension has to offer, consider upgrading to its paid version.

Magento 2 Fraud

Our list of free Magento extensions would be empty if we do not introduce an extension for the security of your Magento store. Mcafeesecure Magento 2 Fraud will increase your visitors’ trust in your store thanks to Mcafeesecure’s imprint on your site. This mark shows that your store has been verified for possible security issues and that your information is genuine.

Two-Factor Authentication

Brute force attack is a type of computer attack that involves using a powerful algorithm that will test multiple combinations to guess a password and / or login. Two-factor authentication blocks these types of attacks which, if successful, would be disastrous for your store. Thus the Two-Factor Authentication extension protects access to your store’s administrator account. It also allows you to define certain security levels for different administrators. Therefore, the more confident visitors are, the more they will engage with you.


Who says shop, obviously says CRM. A CRM extension on your store is certainly essential. Thus, retailCRM will help you automate the sales process and personalize the customer approach. It will allow you to monitor the performance and efficiency of your salespeople. Because it integrates IP telephony, you can make your calls directly from the system in order to keep your treatment information in one place.