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Free Magento themes

magento free themes

The right, relevant, striking theme that makes a difference contributes to the success of your store. Among many existing themes, you can find both paid themes and free Magento themes. If you want to give your store a facelift without the costs that follow, we suggest you check out our selection of Magento free themes below.

Find a free Magento theme


Among the free Magento themes, you have F2. It will allow you to build a professional online store with well-organized content thanks to its menu and structure plan. Combined with a performant Magento hosting, its lightness will contribute to the fast loading of your website.


This is another occupant of this list of free Magento themes. For your computer and electronic equipment store, it offers a clean, elegant and cutting-edge style. In addition, it provides places for presenting new products, promotions and any details to highlight.


A theme with a polished design respecting the current Magento standards for SEO, it lends itself particularly well to high-tech e-commerce sites. Because it is 100% responsive, your customers will be able to view your store from any digital medium without worry.


This is a suitable theme especially for shops selling automobiles and their parts. Theme with a chic design, you can quickly customize it to create a sober but striking store. Like its peers, it is a responsive theme that will appeal to your customers, especially since it is optimized for SEO.


In the category of free themes for Magento, we have FitBody. It is an organized, fully customizable theme with many features to create a great online store. Versatile theme, it will be equally suitable for a shop selling cars, fashion products, information material to name a few.